There are 14 United Nations Peacekeeping Missions around the world. They play a critical role in assisting war torn states transition from conflict to peace. Today’s missions undertake activities ranging from disarming, demobilizing and reintegrating combatants to assisting in elections. The United States (27.89%), China (15.21%), and Japan (8.56%) are the top three financial donors to UN Peacekeeping while Ethiopia (7059), Rwanda (6520) and Bangladesh (6429) are the top personnel providers.

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SEA Zero tolerance. Stop prevent protect.

Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Secretary-General António Guterres released the report Special Measures for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: A New Approach. A new victim-centered approach to prevent and respond to abuses committed by those serving under the UN flag. In August 2017 the Secretary-General appointed a system-wide Victims’ Rights Advocate. Learn more about the UN’s efforts on the new Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse website


Essential Reading

The following are some of the most significant documents in UN Peacekeeping: An Agenda for Peace (1992), Brahimi Report (2000), Capstone Doctrine (UN Peacekeeping-Principles and Guidelines) (2008), and HIPPO Report (Report of the High-Level Independent Panel on UN Peacekeeping) (2015)

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