NGO Application Process

Application Materials

All responses must be typed. Handwritten responses will not be accepted.

Deadlines: March 31 for June consideration October 31 for December consideration

  • A completed Application Form for Non-Governmental Organizations
  • A copy of the organization’s constitution/charter or by-laws
  • Official proof of non-profit status, issued by public authorities, and tax exemption status   (Note: The document should be on official letterhead and dated.)
  • A copy of the organization’s most recent audited financial statement, conducted by a qualified and independent accountant. (Must be in U.S. dollars) NOTE: Substitute documents will not be accepted.
  • Evidence of an active information program relevant to the United Nations: at least six (6) different types of samples of the organization’s most recent information materials (e.g. newsletter, periodicals, tapes of radio or television programs, conference reports) (Note: Electronic materials, such as Web sites or periodicals, should be sent in hard copy form.)
  • A notarized Certification of Signatures of the NGO President or Chief Administrative Officer and the main Representative.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation of organizations (UN or others)

Send the completed application to:

NGO Application
UN Information Center
Suite 500
1775 K ST NW
Washington, DC 20006



  • Once all the required materials are received and all the documents are in order, the UNIC will evaluate them. It will then make a recommendation to NGO Relations which will inform the NGO of the approximate date the DPI Committee on NGOs will meet to review applications.
  • The NGOs will be notified of the results of the meeting.
  • Provided the NGO has been granted the association status, it will receive an accreditation form, which must be filled out and returned to NGO Relations. The NGO may designate 3 persons to represent them at UN Headquarters. Each representative is entitled to an annual UN grounds pass.

(Note: All items on the list above are required for a more mutually beneficial facilitation of the Association Process. Also, all submitted materials must be in English or French, the two working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. Material in any other language should be accompanied by an unofficial translation into either of these two languages.)