Our Work

The United Nations Information Centers (UNICs), located in 63 countries, link the UN with people around the world, providing news, up-to-date information, and background on the organization’s work. The United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Washington, DC is the focal point for UN engagement with U.S. government officials, Congress, civil society, media, academia, and youth. It serves as a resource and conducts outreach to advance the understanding of the UN in the U.S.


UNICs offer products and services such as newsletters, libraries, videos, websites and internet facilities. At the national/local level, UNICs work with media by providing information and training for journalists and contributing regularly to television and radio programmes and articles in newspapers. The centres often work with civil society in promoting a variety of issues through seminars, exhibits and other activities.

International Observances

United Nations observances are used to contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the UN Charter and promote awareness of and action upon, important political, social, cultural, humanitarian or human rights issues. They provide a useful means for the promotion of international and national action and stimulate interest in United Nations activities and programs.

Visiting Officials

Among UNIC Washington’s many efforts to strengthen the US-UN relationship is providing assistance to UN officials who visit Washington.  UNIC staff work with executive branch officials, congressional leaders, the media and members of civil society on a regular basis, so we can serve as the link to ensure visiting UN officials are put together with the policy leaders in Washington that follow their issues closely.  UNIC staff also provide a valuable context for the visits of UN officials, by briefing them on current issues under discussion in Washington policy community, as well as by monitoring media coverage, or helping put UN officials in touch with members of the media covering specific issues of interest.  We also work with a range of think tanks and NGOs who are often interested in hosting an event where the views of a UN official would make a valuable contribution to the discussion.  UNIC assists more than 100 UN visiting officials each year, and helping senior UN representatives get the most out of their time in the nation’s capital is one of our highest priorities.