Welcome to the United Nations Information Center – Washington’s new website. With this new, more interactive site, we encourage you to not just explore the UN in Washington and dig deeper into the UN’s main site through links to in-focus issues, but to actively participate in the dialogue on the UN’s work around the world – work that is critical to U.S. interests globally. Whether it is with peacekeepers in conflict zones working to establish and keep security in difficult regions, through humanitarian relief efforts after natural disaster, or by helping build democratic institutions that support equal rights for all, the UN is taking actions that will create a better and more secure world for all people, including Americans.

To do its work, the UN has become a more open place. While governments clearly take the lead in all decision making on UN activities, there is an ever increasing space for business, civil society, and citizen voices to be heard. At UNIC Washington, we strive to make the UN understandable and accessible to all sectors and individuals in Washington and throughout the U.S., and want to hear back from those who are interested in the UN’s role in the world. We welcome your visits and comments on this blog and the website, we hope you’ll follow us on our social media platforms, and, most of all, that you will engage with the efforts of the UN.

Having been with the UNIC Washington for just over 7 months now, I look forward to connecting with communities across the U.S. and learning about your concerns and ideas for the UN. In our rapidly changing world where challenges and opportunities continue to arise and evolve, everyone needs to have a voice and an opportunity to contribute. In our own small way at UNIC Washington, we strive to make that happen.